Pressure washers with detergent tank

Who ever wants to buy a pressure washer should be sure it has a built-in detergent tank. This tank is automatically fed to the cleaner water so you don’t need to use any other detergents. If your pressure washer has an integrated tank you will soon see how easy it is to clean floors and cars.

Which cleaner in the tank?
The tank of your pressure washer should only ever be filled with the cleaning agents that are specially designed for it. Common household cleaning agents can not be used with your pressure washer. The risk of damage to your pressure washer is great. It is also important to use special detergent, since your pressure washer will calculate the dose exactly. For example by putting house hold detergent into the pressure washer, you risk it causing damage. In this case, the pressure washer will be defective and therefore the warranty is void.

Perfect cleaning.
Cleaning with a pressure washer, which has an integrated tank, is always done very easily and quickly. In that the detergent automatically feeds from the tank, it is your reasonability to take care of your pressure washer. The right dosage of the detergent always comes out of this hand tool. Depending on which model of pressure washer, you may need to add more detergent during the cleaning process.

Via the Internet, you the customer have a wide range of pressure washers with and without detergent tank at your finger tips. If you want to buy a new pressure washer you should always choose one with a tank. The difference, in terms of cost is not a lot. Towards the top end, there are no limits to the money you can spend the more you spend the more powerful pressure washer, which will also have a lot of accessories with it.

Pressure washers clean cars, patios and driveways safely and correctly.

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