Pressure Washer Test

My today’s post deals with a pressure washer.
About 4 years ago I asked myself how I can actually wash my car more thoroughly and easier than using a car wash?
I had the idea to use a pressure washer this worked. Then I looked on some forums and blogs to see which pressure washer suited me best. I found out that a high pressure cleaner from Karcher met my demands. I would say this is the market leader for pressure washers. I ordered the Karcher K6.85M. After two days my new pressure washer arrived. Unpacking in the Sun, but now I quickly try it out. What I immediately noticed was the weight, quite heavy, an estimated 20 kg. But yes the Karcher K6.85M has wheels and thus it is easy to move around. In a few minutes it was ready to go (water and electricity connected). The last thing I needed to choose was the right nozzle for washing my car. Power-on for washing and off we went.
But now to wash or should I say “Karcher”. My rims first, I saw immediately how bad the brake dust was on my alloy wheels, I then jetted off the dirt from the car body. I used my sponge and a brush, washing my car was a breeze. I’ve got to mention that there is even a cleaning solution tank integrated into the Karcher that you can fill with detergent. This a great to mix the water and detergent delivering it straight to the brush and the washing is easy. Sorry, you have to polish the car when it is dry, which is most unpleasant work. But never mind, the whole washing process was completed after 10 minutes, as long as you put the effort in, sometimes even at a car wash and will still need about £7 for a shampoo wash. I must also mention that you can still work with up to 40 ° warm water. I think you need hardly any detergent at this temperature. My car was a Golf so you have to allow more time for larger vehicles, of course.
I need to say, that you can use the Karcher also for other cleaning work. For example, I was able to clean the moss patches off my patio.
Conclusion: As home owners and car owners it is a commendable and labour saving device.