[Bike fever] Cycle Care: fingers away from the pressure washer

“Hardy” cyclists have used there bikes a lot in the cold months. Now it is the hard grit you need to remove from your bike. Use your pressure washer to clean all the dirt away.

Road salt will stick to your bike. Therefore we recommend a Karcher pressure washer for your spring clean to increase the life of your wheels. This includes a wash – but not with the pressure washer, warns expert: The hard jet of water can damage wheel bearings and mechanical parts.

Your bike is best cleaned with soapy water this is recommended by Karcher. Above all clean the chain, sprockets, wheels, brakes and reflectors thoroughly. Use a strong brush to get into the deep grooves of your bike.

After that, it is important to oil your chain and sprockets well and clean the brakes, the aluminium sides with mentholated spirits. If the brake pads wear down they will need replacing. Otherwise, the braking efficiency will degrade or damage the wheel. Lost or damaged reflectors must be replaced in order to be seen as early as possible in the dark by other road users.

The lighting on the bike should be working if not you should replace or repair immediately. The tyres must be checked for cracks and be pumped up to the correct pressure. You should also check the tread depth.

“If necessary, a tyre change, it makes sense to invest in puncture-resistant tyres,” recommended. Watch out for broken glass in the street in will cause more than a flat tyre. For spring-Check finally, tightened the bolts on your bike. In this case the screws on parts like mud guards and racks that may be forgotten.

The RAC expect more cyclists on the roads after the winter. Increase your attention and consider the bikes on the road your behaviour should therefore be obvious to all road users, says the RAC.