Cheap Jet Wash For Sale

If you are looking to buy a cheap jet wash then we can help. We have lots of different brands of jet wash for sale and can deliver them to your door next day. Some people will call a jet wash a (pressure washer) and vice versa you can also buy hot or cold jet […]

Pressure washers with detergent tank

Who ever wants to buy a pressure washer should be sure it has a built-in detergent tank. This tank is automatically fed to the cleaner water so you don’t need to use any other detergents. If your pressure washer has an integrated tank you will soon see how easy it is to clean floors and cars. Which […]

Pressure Washer Test

My today’s post deals with a pressure washer. About 4 years ago I asked myself how I can actually wash my car more thoroughly and easier than using a car wash? I had the idea to use a pressure washer this worked. Then I looked on some forums and blogs to see which pressure washer suited […]

Karcher – The specialist for high-pressure cleaners

Not only in private hands, the products of Karcher are extremely popular, even the professional cleaners of the building trades swear by the pressure washers from Karcher. The Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of the pressure washer world. The family, have headquarters in Winnersh providing both cleaning equipment and a supplier […]

High pressure jet wash for professional cleaning

There are many on the market now very high pressure washers. Some models are real monsters, others are very handy. So what should you look for when buying a pressure washer in any case it is not only the size but also what the pressure washer can do? Of course it is the accessories that you can get for the pressure washer that will make all the difference. The decision to purchase a pressure washer will depend on the bar pressure you need. This is also key to how well you can clean the dirt from certain surfaces. But of course the type of nozzle makes a difference. These effectively determine the […]

High Pressure Cleaner hire

There are situations where a pressure washer is a useful thing. But not everyone has such a device at home. Especially if it is to be a device that has a lot of pressure in itself. Such a pressure washer is needed, for example, one might want to clean the driveway. Something you do not do every week, but […]

Karcher High Pressure Washer: Pressure Washer Karcher

The pressure washer is clean and efficient Karcher professional pressure washers will pay for themselves in no time, Karcher high-pressure cleaners are starting from £99.99. The pressure goes up to 150 bars with a flow rate of 450 litres per hour. Karcher have many accessories including a dirt drill, brush and Patio Cleaner. High pressure cleaners are […]

Cordless Pressure Washer

The Karcher HC 10 is the first Karcher pressure washer both AC power and battery power. We have tested whether the device is suitable for general cleaning as well as pressure washing the patio furniture, dirty garden tools or bikes that are covered in mud. Hybrid – this is the new magic word, which means the […]

[Bike fever] Cycle Care: fingers away from the pressure washer

“Hardy” cyclists have used there bikes a lot in the cold months. Now it is the hard grit you need to remove from your bike. Use your pressure washer to clean all the dirt away. Road salt will stick to your bike. Therefore we recommend a Karcher pressure washer for your spring clean to increase the life of […]