Karcher High Pressure Washer: Pressure Washer Karcher

The pressure washer is clean and efficient

Karcher professional pressure washers will pay for themselves in no time, Karcher high-pressure cleaners are starting from £99.99. The pressure goes up to 150 bars with a flow rate of 450 litres per hour.

Karcher have many accessories including a dirt drill, brush and Patio Cleaner. High pressure cleaners are in the fight against dirt from your house and garden to the heavy artillery. How well the high-pressure cleaner from Karcher cleans compared to other brands?

Karcher High pressure cleaners to the test.

In a comparison test various components were used. For example, the dirt drill, which rotates at the nozzle in the tip of the nozzle as the water jet revolves. Even old chewing gum can be removed by moving the jet of water up and down on the asphalt. Make sure that the dirt drill is included.

The Karcher cleaner is easy to use and appears to be particularly efficient at surface cleaning. The rotating nozzles clean the surface and the top guard prevents spreading of the dissolved dirt.

The hose turns out to be something awkward in some devices. As the hose is to withstand up to 150 bars of pressure, the hose must be extra strong and is therefore particularly unruly. All units have wheels, so they are easier to transport and use. In this case reveals the Karcher’s high processing quality.

Karcher High pressure cleaners and cleaning chemicals.

Especially stubborn dirt can be dispersed by use of chemical cleaning agents. These are particularly recommended for greasy dirt on a porous surface. The cleaning agents are placed in an external bottle, which mixes with the jet of water coming out of your pressure washer.

Certain cleaning tasks such as fragile walls, floors or garden figures must be purified, so they are not damaged by the jet from the pressure washer. To this end have a Karcher pressure washer adjustable nozzle, which controls the force of the jet, just this one can be so intense that it dissolves the dirt particles without damaging the surface.

In the case of heavy soiling the dirt cutter is used, the pressure regulation is the Karcher pressure washer is right on the case and serves it very well. Overall, Karcher professional pressure washers are right for the job, good performance and build quality and a great price.