Cordless Pressure Washer

The Karcher HC 10 is the first Karcher pressure washer both AC power and battery power. We have tested whether the device is suitable for general cleaning as well as pressure washing the patio furniture, dirty garden tools or bikes that are covered in mud.

Hybrid – this is the new magic word, which means the industry now has pressure washers with dual power supply. After the hybrid mower that arrived on the market in 2008 now comes the hybrid high-pressure washer. The new Karcher HC 10 can be operated with mains power or a lithium-ion battery. In battery mode, it is certainly powerful enough to also clean off sports equipment far away from the nearest outlet of water this pressure washer is self-priming and can be operated with water from the mains water or the rain barrel or a bucket of water.

The unit is very compact and with about 7 kg in weight not too heavy so that it can also be transported easily. The standard Vario-power spray and also a standard lance (rotary nozzle) can be clipped on the side housing. The power cord can wrap around the base to be transported or when not in use at the bottom of the device. The high-pressure hose and trigger can not be clipped to this pressure washer.

The standard accessories for this pressure washer also include an adapter for a Garden hose, coupling; a suction hose with filter is also included. Thus, the device can readily be used with the accessories for drawing water. In the network (240 V) supplies the pressure washer with 90 bar working pressure at a flow rate of up to 6 litres per minute. This seems to be enough for spring cleaning, but if you have enough time you can even clean the patio or driveway. The performance level equivalent to that of many entry-level devices for less than £100. The HC 10 costs at least £399. But it can be operated even with the included 25.2-volt battery, but then only has a working pressure of 40 bar and up to 3.7 litres of water per minute available.

As the energy of the battery with 3.3 Ah just enough for about twelve minutes running time, the use of pressure washer is very limited in battery mode. Just enough time to clean off a dirty mountain bike. To clean all the bicycles for a family of five thoroughly, it is not enough, especially as the pressure of 40 bars is very low. The performance is less when the HC10 does not have a connection to the mains water pipe, but the water from the rain water barrel or a stream gives just under four water buckets (10 litres) per battery charge and the high pressure jet is so weak. The cleaning effect is not very good.

Manufacturer: Karcher

Model: HC10

Power consumption: 450 watts; working pressure of 230 V/25, 2 V: 20 to 90 bar/40 bar; water 230 V/25, 2 V: 10 l/Min. /3, 7 l / min, max… Inlet temperature: 40 ° C; nozzles: Vario nozzle, lance, high pressure hose: 4 m; cylinder / piston: 3 pieces, plastic / stainless steel; Battery Pack: Lithium-ion 25.2 volt, 3.3 Ah battery charging time: 110 minutes; Battery: probably about £200; sound pressure / power: 71 dB (A) / 86 dB (A) Weight: 6.5 kg Origin: UK Warranty: 2 years only domestic; Price: £399

Special features: ■ Very compact high pressure cleaner for 230 volts and battery operation, suction hose with filter for, adapter hose coupling.