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Cheap Jet Wash For Sale

If you are looking to buy a cheap jet wash then we can help. We have lots of different brands of jet wash for sale and can deliver them to your door next day. Some people will call a jet wash a (pressure washer) and vice versa you can also buy hot or cold jet […]

Pressure washers with detergent tank

Who ever wants to buy a pressure washer should be sure it has a built-in detergent tank. This tank is automatically fed to the cleaner water so you don’t need to use any other detergents. If your pressure washer has an integrated tank you will soon see how easy it is to clean floors and cars. Which […]

Pressure Washer Test

My today’s post deals with a pressure washer. About 4 years ago I asked myself how I can actually wash my car more thoroughly and easier than using a car wash? I had the idea to use a pressure washer this worked. Then I looked on some forums and blogs to see which pressure washer suited […]